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I had the pleasure to work on some exciting projects in my 16 years at IBM.
Here is a sample of some of the multimedia projects that I am most proud of in my career.

Intro Video to Illuminated Book "Ulysses"

IBM Knowledge Systems
Restructuring Education Through Technology.
1991 - 1993






Columbus: Encounter, Discovery, and Beyond

Developed by IBM and Robert Abel’s Synapse Technologies

Columbus makes the events of 1492 the entry point into European and New World history, with topics ranging in time from ancient Greece to 20th-century America. Distributed on three videodiscs and two CD-ROMS, it is said to contain enough multimedia elements for 180 hours of instruction, including hundreds of thousands of documents and images.


Nine topics include: Discovery and Encounter; Columbus: The Man and His Vision; The Voyages of Columbus; The World in 1492; Money and Power; Changing Views of the World; Changing Views of Humankind; The Renaissance; The New World (Native Americans; Mesoamericans; African Americans).

Columbus includes navigation tools that invite exploration of the database along various hyperpaths. An instructor or a student can request an explanation of a word or phrase, choose a more in-depth treatment of a particular subject, branch to a related topic, or ask the system to place an event in historical and geographical context, such as on a timeline or a map. They can view video clips of speakers expressing different interpretations and points of view.
Students and teachers are also given the option of adding their own annotations to the database.

The database includes 2,600 articles, 431,000 links, seven hours of audio, five hours of video, 1,800 still images and graphics, over 200 maps and 2,500 key concepts used to link all possible combinations of data, media, and tools. It adds up to 180 hours of interactive video.

Additionally, there is an online Dictionary of 200,000 words, a series of Challenges to spur you on and make you think; 250 Quotes that represent 2,500 years of humankind's insight and queries, and more. Annotation capabilities allow students and teachers to add their own notes and reactions to their excellence.

Illuminated Books and Manuscripts

Developed by IBM and AND Communications

The Declaration of Independence, Hamlet, Ulysses (based on the Tennyson poem), Letter from Birmingham Jail (based on Martin Luther King’s famous missive), Black Elk Speaks and the Bill of Rights.

The five Illuminated Books and Manuscripts are contained on a total of six videodiscs and seven CD-ROMS.
Illuminated Books and Manuscripts programs, users can see different actors’ readings of the same lines or receive an analysis of the literary devices and forms employed.

Students and teachers are also given the option of adding their own annotations to the database.

The "Illuminated Books..." includes five reading tools: Define, Context, Interpret, Method, and Link. As IBM says, not only can you retrieve definitions for words and hear interpretations about each work, but you can also analyze the different literary methods used and explore universal themes addressed, all with a click of a button. Three global tools are provided: Help, References, and Mode.

Letter form Birmingham Jail
Included in the "Letter" are videos of the marches and other relevant political and social acts of the time. Andrew Young, former Ambassador to the UN and former Mayor of Atlanta who was with King at that time, was the CD-ROM Expo keynote session and told some of his personal reminiscences.

"Ulysses" (also known as Odysseus) includes actors reading Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem "Ulysses," explores the background of the king, presents information about Tennyson, includes pictures and information about Greek mythology, and more.

IBM's Multimedia Publishing Studio Playboy Interviews

 This CD-ROM, released shortly after Playboy published a book of the same name, includes the text of all 352 interviews Playboy conducted between 1964 and 1994, with over 1,000 photos and many audio and video clips. It included a number of innovative research features that can often uncover fascinating themes and similarities or differences among the people interviewed. You can search by concept, people, and places, and browse memorable quotes from the interviews on a wide range of subjects ranging from "civil rights" to "the meaning of life." From celebrities such as Sting, Tom Hanks, and Marlon Brando, to famous politicians such as Malcolm X, Yasir Arafat, to successful businessmen such as Bill Gates, Ted Turner, and Lee Iacocca, the Playboy Interview always shines with penetrating questions that not only showcase the interviewer's depth of research, but almost always spark interesting (and often heated) answers that afford a rare glimpse into certain aspects of the interviewee you would not find elsewhere.