Blue Ocean Designs

Creating Compelling Stories Through Photos and Live Events

Blue Ocean Designs - Francesca Scalpi has transitioned from the corporate world to working with artists, photographers and non-profits. She is using the knowledge she gained while riding the visual wave of technology from the early days of laser disc interactivity to today's social media technology. Throughout her career, the vision of compelling storytelling through technology is paramount. She believes the experience needs to be profound with a strong human interest. She has produced several art and photography events and workshops to benefit the artist and non-profit organizations in Sonoma County.

She is creating several art and tourism websites as part of her overall marketing plan to promote the Sonoma Coast.

Francesca's creative spirit was nurtured by her loving grandmother Jamile. She has explored multiple mediums - painting, sculpture, ceramics and photography. Involved in the early stages of interactive multimedia at IBM, she rode the digital wave of graphics, video and technology. While forming a solid, visual base, her love for photography was always present and she is now coming back to her roots - photography and art.

This native New Yorker has recently moved to Sonoma Coast from Los Angeles.

She is a Bodega Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Director. Her work is on permanant display at the Artisan's Co-op in the village of Bodega, CA.

Artist Statement:
When something moves me, I feel alive and in the moment. I am open to what life has to offer. I want to share my mind’s eye with others. The inter-connectivity of life fascinates me. I want to connect.

In my early life, I was immersed in different cultures. Both of my grandparents were new to America. The sounds, smells, customs, food, dress and stories stoked my imagination. It was a sensory experience on many levels. It expanded my mind’s eye. I wanted to find a way to create a sensory experience to share. Having access to some of the finest museums for antiquities and art in NYC helped me fine tune what moved me. In art school, I wanted to learn about mastering tools to create my own sense of self expression. I always needed the freedom to organically create.

Looking through a camera lens, I open my mind’s eye and try to experience what I see. What will move me? Will it be the light, shadows, shape, movement, or the soul reflected in an eye? The process of creating for me is never the same because it is raw, unfiltered and not planned. My intent may be to go whale watching but when I am there, I let the moment take me and try to capture it through photography. After the experience, when I go through my prints, I only select ones that move me and try not to over analyze it. 

What thrills me the most is when people are moved by something I create. It is not necessary that they see what I saw but that they feel something. The image may reflect something in their life. You can technically take a perfect photo. But for me, it needs to be more about a connection that people have with it. I did a mixed media piece entitled ‘History of Red’ and it was fascinating to watch people’s reactions. People stared at it and had conversations. It evoked something.

I want my art to be visceral.